Software as a Service

SaaS Project

A business to business software as a service company (B2B SaaS) in the healthcare industry needs their existing product analyzed and updated.

I conducted user interviews and met with client product managers to help reveal insights around redesigning the software for greatest impact. My favorite part about this project was taking a step back and figuring out if and how the individual modules overlapped. If I discovered a commonality, the next step was to see how they could be connected in a way that made sense and served a purpose. As this was a complex system, my appreciation of information architecture was particularly useful.

An iterative design approach, including regular design reviews and user testing, resulted in detailed annotated wireframes and a style guide. Upon client approval of the wireframes, collaboration with visual designers and developers helped to build a consistent and cohesive user experience.

User interviews, stakeholder and project team collaboration, sketching, wireframes, design reviews, design presentation

Served with one other UX Designer on a project team

Pen and paper, whiteboards, Omnigraffle, Photoshop, Quicktime, Join.Me, Slack, Google Docs


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user interviews

Created questions for users based on walkthroughs with Product Managers. Conducted interviews to gain insights and guide direction of design. Common themes from the interviews included: desire to reduce page load time, cross link access to common information, reduce clicks without sacrificing functionality.



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sketches and flows

Reviewing feedback from user interviews and studying the existing software, I sketched out designs and flows to help visualize and test ideas before committing to computer based wireframes.


The sketches and flows were turned into detailed wireframes with annotations and functional references to highlight and detail new elements and features. This step was iterative with regular design reviews to ensure that business requirements and user needs were addressed and helped push the quality of the designs.

design reviews

Led regular design reviews with product owners and users, analyzed and iterated designs based on feedback.


Throughout the design process, collaboration with the visual design and development teams was critical to ensure that the final deliverable was consistent with business requirements and user needs.