Mobile App

Professionals need to network with their peers in order to stay current, get jobs, and advance in their careers. LinkedIn wants to increase user engagement by making their mobile app a one-stop destination for contact management and networking.

Capabilities were added to the LinkedIn mobile app that leverage device geolocation and facilitate the exchange of contact information. The user can then make a quick note regarding the interaction and be reminded to follow up with the new connection. The idea shows what an electronic business card might look like and how it could function.

Brainstorming for this project was easy and exciting. However, avoiding feature creep was an unforeseen challenge. The team needed to continually remind one another to keep it simple in order to avoid bloat.

Using the phone’s existing capabilities as well as the member information contained in LinkedIn was a victory. It helped to create a familiar and organic experience with a low barrier to entry for the proposed idea.

Comparative analysis, behavioral analysis, user interviews, persona creation, card sort, sketches and flows, wireframes, usability testing, high fidelity clickable prototype, presentation of minimum viable product (MVP)

Two weeks from case study to presentation

Collaborative team member with two other UX designers

Pen and paper, voice recorder, whiteboard, Balsamiq, Illustrator, Photoshop, InVision, Quicktime

comparative analysis

Investigated comparable companies to gain understanding of market trends and steer next research steps.

contextual and behavioral analysis

Researched how LinkedIn is currently utilized and used these insights to build strategy and help inform design decisions.

user interviews

Asked users questions related their use of LinkedIn to uncover what works well and where there might be room for improved or new functionality.


Created a persona based on composite of research in order to represent the target audience.

card sort

Uncovered patterns and potential information architecture of the new feature.

sketches and flows

Based on the research, started sketching and created a user flow to visualize how everything comes together.


Created wireframes based on sketches and iterated based on usability tests.

See Prototype