Agency Website

A growing design and development agency needs a web presence and business model to align with their desire to create community and provide design for nonprofits in need.

Interviewing the founders uncovered their passion to create positive social impact. As a result, a business model was developed in which 1% of agency profits are used to fund select non-profit projects.

One of the most rewarding parts of this design work was connecting with and interviewing decision makers at other design agencies. The perspective they shared laid the groundwork for the direction of this project.

Based on research, testing, and usability heuristics, a clickable prototype was created and presented to stakeholders.

Comparative analysis, interviews, persona creation, task analysis, card sort/user flow, storyboard, sketching, sitemap, wireframes, business model, usability testing, high fidelity clickable prototype, presentation of minimum viable product (MVP)

Two weeks from challenge to presentation

Collaborative team member with two other UX/UI designers

Pen and paper, voice recorder, Quicktime, whiteboards, Balsamiq, Illustrator, Photoshop, InVision

comparative analysis

We researched similar agencies to gain an understanding of market trends. Findings from each website were distilled into clear bullet points with visual representation and compared to one another. This helped inform us in creating interview questions for the next phase of research.


Questions were written and interviews were conducted to reveal motivations, behaviors, and needs of founders, stakeholders, and users.

The results of the interviews were white boarded and analyzed to find patterns and assist in development of personas.


Based on the research and interviews personas were developed to aid in guiding us through the remainder of the design process.

task analysis

Performed an analysis of the users tasks focused on decisions and actions, and answered for who, what, where, when, how.

card sort/user flow

A card sort was performed with users to determine the architecture and priority of sections for the website.


A sketch of the website introduction slides to was white boarded to visualize and iterate upon until it was ready for high fidelity.


Based on research and other key findings, many idea sketches were created and refined to eventually become wireframes.


Created a visualization of preliminary page structure to aid in wireframe design.


Designed visual representation of overall layout, key elements, and navigation for website.

business model

Aligning research and stakeholder desires we discussed and developed a high level agency business model.

 After several iterations, the 1% model was created.

usability testing

Conducted usability tests of low fidelity prototype to help inform direction of design. Audio and screen recordings were captured to support the rough notes below.

High Fidelity prototype

Final annotations and iterations were laid out before building the clickable prototype.