I believe in education through exploration

Certification #1011891

I will always remember my first computer, a used Macintosh LC. It had a single floppy drive, no modem or ethernet capability, and yet it cost more than the laptop I am using to type these words. I spent countless late nights exploring the machines possibilities and limitations. Eventually I saved enough money to buy a new computer, and many more since. Technology has continually matured and evolved, all the while uncovering new questions. This is much like my own narrative. 

Upon discovering the field of user experience, it felt like I had found a long lost puzzle piece. It was a revelation to find a handful of my favorite disciplines fit together into one “super role”. My meandering journey revealed a clarity of passion and purpose. I made a career pivot by enrolling in a the User Experience Design Immersive program through General Assembly. Following this education, I worked on projects where I gained experience and confidence around human-centered design. To satisfy my continued hunger for knowledge, I participated in meetups and additional education opportunities. I earned my UX Certification through Nielsen Norman Group (NN/g) and went on to complete three different IDEO U design thinking courses. I was subsequently offered and accepted an Alumni Coach Fellowship opportunity with IDEO U.

Some of my creative inspirations include: artists such as Andrea Zittel, Andy Goldsworthy, and Jenny Holzer. Tiny homes, permaculture principles, #vanlife, and minimalism.